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Stupidity Grows Stronger

Ken Squires
Ken Squires Poetry

I see today you've taken the stupidity to a whole new level
I'm sure if I was acting this way you would be telling me to "suck it up"
But when it comes to you, everyone needs to bend to your ways
You claim that you do "suck it up"
I bet later you'll be drinking wine with him
I'm sure I can easily point out how drinking any sort of alcohol could make things worse for you
But then once again you'll complain, further complaining about how nobody cares
Tomorrow morning you'll be fine, but after he leaves you'll bitch and moan more
Of course you will

Around him you have to give the false image of being perfect and your fine
You will constantly yell my name and have me do stuff
Then bitch about me being in a bad mood
If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here, I would still be working
But nope, had to bend to your way again
Maybe I should have rushed back like you mentioned in September
Only for you to freak out in October and want me to take time off again
But that's fine, you can ruin my life, they won't want me back then
At that point you can tell me how it's my fault that they dont' want you back
Since your perfect
All people do is kiss your ass and tell you how great you are
But they don't see you for who you are
They are just spineless yes people

I'm sick of it
Putting up with you is fucking exhausting
No wonder why I spent over ten hours in bed yesterday
Completely exhausted from you

No longer have an escape from you
Well maybe one
Maybe one
Just maybe one