Save The Date(s)

Save The Date(s)
Save The Date(s)

Alright folks, it's time to grab that pen and mark your calendars so you DON'T FORGET.
That's right not only am I going to announce one date but I'm going to announce THREE dates for THREE upcoming releases from yours truly.

The first date is International Poetry day which is May 21 2021 also on that day you get to enjoy "The Voice Of Ken" a ebook of poetry that should be on all major distribution sites plus many more so you can enjoy some poetry from your favourite Canadian Poet.. ME

Then on April 20 2021 you'll get your chance to read Neighbourhood Stalker 2 done up by the voice in my head known as Kenny Roberts which is the seventh book in that series. Last year we dropped Neighbourhood Stalker on Halloween but this year we decided to change it up and not have it come out on that spooky date since as we learned last year who knows what to expect on that day especially if Covid is running rapid like it is now

The final date to mark is May 21st in which Ken will be dropping "Crooked Words Of Ken" but this isn't a book of poetry, since late last year he has decided to start to journal his thoughts and these thoughts don't reflect on things that he's written in his poems and much of these things he wrote about as they were happening this maybe something new that he looks at doing.

OR if you want to beat the rush and get your hands on all three of these ebooks early PLUS every other release done by your favourite Canadian Poet then head on over to my Payhip Store:
In which you can buy all three of those titles that I just mentioned plus every other release I have dropped RIGHT NOW and support me directly.

So why on earth am I doing preorders for releases on other sites ? When in fact you can buy things directly from yours truly INSTANTLY ? .. Isn't it obvious ?, if not then let me explain, many people like preorders and want to stick to the one site that they buy ebooks through since they all have some sort of subscription with them. So I wanted to send the release to all the major ebook sites but I wanted to have preorders setup to basically cover me for the next 3 months so that's what I did was set that up exactly like that but those who want to visit my own site and keep up to date on everything I do directly from me you get a special bonus of being able to buy things early as my gift to  you for keeping up with me