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On The Outside Looking In

Ken Squires
Ken Squires Poetry

 You say in Gotham everybody knows everybody, if you ain't got a blue check you ain't anybody
As I gaze from the outside looking in, it's like the tv show under the dome I can see you but you can't see me, but I already know I'm a nobody
I look at myself in the mirror I got no blue check, I look at my feeds I got no followers, at times you and I write similar, you've inspired me countless times
If it wasn't for you I don't think I would have known the proper words to use in some of my rhymes

It's cool that we're both Canadian even though you took off to the states, you call what you do poetry and I respect that
Can't remember how I stumbled upon you but when I first seen your image I thought that's some awesome hair ain't see nobody wear hair like that
Your words certainly haven't fallen upon these deaf ears
I think my poetry hasn't been this good in all my years

I watch what you do, hear the words that you speak
Mine stay in text form, I don't be filming no videos or recording my voice reading mine, I got a voice that would make women shriek and lets just say I got a round physique
I sit back and watch your videos countless times, in fact I even download them so I can watch them offline
Listening to the way you lace your rhymes different than many others, inspiring to the masses, I've had times when I only thought that it was me who went on the decline
Who wanted to run away, who wanted to hide from the public, but I see you stepped out of the limelight which may have been tough
Sitting here I feel like my life is in handcuffs

You talk about not being anyone till you get a million followers, I got zero.
At times I don't even think my shadow wants to stand behind me when I try to pose like a hero

I keep searching for myself like you've done
But similar to few I write about things that I've gone through even though my life is pathetic and boring
You got people crowding you by the masses wanting to be your friend
When I look at myself in the mirror, I'm on the outside looking in
When I look at myself in the mirror, I'm on the outside looking in
I'm on the outside looking in