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does happiness exist
does happiness exist

Must Be The Posterboy

Ken Squires
Ken Squires Poetry

I must be the posterboy that everyone is told to ignore
He maybe nice, kind and honest but we're certain it's a trap door
Just to lure you in and put your guard down
Knowing someone like him he's no doubt on the edge of a nervous breakdown

He hasn't started to twitch yet but we're certain he's getting close
He appears to be what lurks in those shadows
So always carry a flashlight with you so you can see him coming
Don't say his name three times as that must be how he gets summon

He's no doubt the reason people are told to stay out of the darkness
He's definately draped in some sort of weirdness
When things go wrong he's an easy target for us to blame
No matter how they word things, to me it's just all the same

Must have a sign above me that everyone else can see
That always says "BLAME ME" as bright as a theaters marquee
Almost time for the cautionary tape to go up
Just like his life it's a series of trash pickups

Something else to sit curbside
After a while one would think things would produce some sort of upside
But it doesn't, always facing downhill
Am I waiting for the big chernobyl in my life or should I just take the poison pill