Mental Health

Mental Health
Mental Health

The term mostly used and it’s used to scare people is mental health
It talks about the decline of ones mental state, but you never hear of mental wealth

So why does it scare people, people use the term for everything including the media
Whenever someone does something violent they put that tag on it, just check wikipedia

When you talk about it, it scares people away

Then you sit in the corner with sad eyes like your a lost stray

If you use the term mental health nobody cares and they think your crazy

Since that’s the way the media wants us to look at them since they are just lazy

They will use the term then later try to promote that we talk about it

Why bother, they have already ruined the term with the billion dollar outfit

Nothing we can do to bring it back, just check out some new gruesome crimes

They all have the term mental health linked to them, since right now that’s the times
We live in, time make everyone afraid of everything possible
Where everyone keeps saying that Im-Possible

But right now if you do anything out of sorts it’s either mental health or covid take your pic

Nobody cares about anyones mental health problems cause the way they get painted
The word has been mentioned so much it’s fucking tainted

I’ve quickly learned that nobody cares about me or anything that I go through
At some point in time I’ll get tagged with the mental health tag that’s my future review

But things like that are already things that I’m so much very used to


Everyone has already turned there backs on me, telling me how I need to live my life
Telling me what it’ll take for me to be happy and what it will take to get a wife

But ssshhh don’t talk about your mental problems that’s not permitted

Otherwise you’ll soon be committed

Since your not allowed to have someone in your life you talk to

Your only allowed to say that they are in your life, as they might as well hate you


Kept getting told that talking was a good thing, but I see that is now a down fall

Oh well just another reason why I’ll no doubt be single and be always hitting my mental health wall