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Ken Squires Publishing is a Canadian independent publishing company. Based in Ontario, Canada and established in 2002. It is the home of Ken Squires

Neighbourhood Stalker

Neighbourhood Stalker

Alright so Neighbourhood Stalker comes out tomorrow (Oct 31) aka Halloween.. It comes out and most major platforms, however because of me being…

Toxic Environments


How is one suppose to grow Suppose to better themselves When they live the life that everyone tells them they could be doing…

Toxic People

Toxic People

Toxic People Toxic people all around me, pulling me into the negative Trying to force there beliefs on me Trying to force me…

Few Changes

Neighbourhood Stalker

I changed up the top photo of the site showcasing the next Neighbourhood Stalker due out Halloween that's kinda my background image and…

Hey Netflix


So maybe it's me but I think the fine folks of Netflix are lowering standards for what they are accepting from content creators…

New Podcast

anchor fm

I got a new podcast online this one talks about: I talk Tech (Technology), Writing (as per usual) and Halloween cause that is…