July 10 2021
I haven't been writing much this month, as I got a few fellow writers who reached out to me. They wrote over ten years ago and also used the same distribution (smashwords) that I am using but when they first started they could just upload a cover image and a text file.. 
It was easier times, but then things changed and because of tablets with bigger screens certain companies required bigger image files for the covers and they also required each book to have a table of contents.

With knowing that I also write they reached out to me and we discussed what they wanted for covers so I've been helping them get what they had once released over ten years ago to get released again so they can look at releasing something new with some help from me to do the finishing touches for them.

So that's where my time has gone and why I haven't written anything.

I believe I have 2-3 more covers/books to do for them before the old stuff they released is all caught up
July 7 2021
I've decided to go back to old tradition and make all my writing now and forever FREE

There's no money in it, I've tried selling it for two years and all I made was $50 that's not enough for anything..
June 18 2021
Fragile World - preorder links
Barnes & Noble
Gardners Extended Retail
Google Play Books

Due to my hosting I can't list the other major company that beings with an "A"
But if you know the cover and look up Fragile World or my name Ken Squires I'm sure you'll come across it easily enough
June 17 2021
Fragile World has finally been posted for a preorder, the release date is July 21(Ernest Hemingway's Birthday)
Right now I'm not posting links for it I want to give it time to hit all the channels but I'll provide links for it once I get notified that things have been accepted.
June 16 2021
Yes, I raised the price of my ebooks from $3.00 to $9.99. Your no doubt thinking something like it's a rip off or it's not worth it or why ?... Here's the thing, the way ebooks work for selling is kinda screwy and I wish I was making this up but I'm not, do your research on it you'll see..

If your ebook is listed as cheap, many people won't buy it because they will think it's not worth it and it's garbage material. So you price it higher to show that the quality is just as good as everyone else. They say for small ebooks which I admit mine are pricing between free and $9.99 ... I had mine at $3 and I wasn't selling anything worth while so I raised my prices up since if they were getting passed over because people thought the low price meant the quality was garbage then the higher price will mean that this shit has got to be good.
Honestly it's a fucking guessing game for what to price things at low or high, I'm aware that I'm not going to make bank off of it cause I'm a nobody but at $3 I basically sell one ebook a month if I'm lucky... So if you were me would you risk it by jacking up the price to $9.99 to see if you'll sell more over the next few months ?
Since $3 isn't much money but $9.99 sounds nice

That's my reason for the price increase
The reward is greater than the risk
It's called an investment
June 14 2021
Now everything has been updated as well as the last few covers to showcase my name, no longer am I using pen names.
May 19 2021
I updated the navigation links, I dropped the photos from the site. Most of the photos I was showcasing were old photos and they look good on small devices but if you have a decent size screen things looked shitty as older cameras don't compare to new ones. It also became difficult to find a way to host them on the site as it was easier just to remove them.
April 23 2021
It seems my little ebook known as RAP - Rhyme And Poetry is getting rather popular over on google play books, even though right now it just has one rating which the person gave it 4 Stars (much thanks to whomever did that) It seems to be my most frequently sold ebook..

In the last year alone it sold 17 copies, that may not sound like much to any of you but being an independent writer who does everything from his own pocket, it's a big deal.
April 21 2021
So I just finished playing Black Ops 3 on Xbox Series X, I'm not an online gamer so I just did the story mode. To be honest I debated about buying this game because I really wasn't a big fan of Black Ops or Black Ops 2 for the 360. But being a fan of the Call Of Duty series I felt the need to indulge myself in this game. So instead of paying the usual $80 (Canadian) I caught it on sale for $40 and picked up both Black Ops 3 & 4 for the price of what one of them would cost me.

If your looking for a wargame where you are constantly in war and have lots and I do mean lots of enemies to kill then by all means this is the game for you. I honestly found that this game had more enemies to kill then Call Of Duty Modern Warfare (the newest version of the Modern Warfare series).

I'm looking forward to checking out Black Ops 4, I have it installed but I think I'll wait a bit before I lock in and load it up..

I do recommend this game for sure.
April 20 2021
Our resident horror writer Kenny Roberts has released Neighbourhood Stalker 2021 on April 20 2021.
It should have been up for preorder all week as it was submitted to each site back in late February / early March.. The price is $2.99 depending on where you live.

Be sure to pick it up and continue reading about the Neighbourhood Stalker saga TODAY
April 20 2021
I released a new podcast yesterday episode 13 of my current season
You can find it here:
Ken Squires Podcast • A podcast on Anchor

As well as any place you enjoy your podcast
March 26 2021
Alright so it may take some people a while to rediscover my site and why is that you ask ? Prior to today I owned webhosting and a domain name. Although honestly I didn't think they were doing anything for me except taking cash out of my pocket since I invested my hard earned cash into myself on a whim.

With my domain needing to be renewed in a few months (I think two). I knew I had to do something so instead of waiting for those two months before going into panic mode I decided to walk away instantly and take all my sites with me.

Now all my sites are freely hosted on AwardSpace now with FREE subdomains rather than domains that I have to pay for. Now I will gladly go back to the domains if I make enough money to support them, but honestly at this time I do not and I feel like I need to invest in a different solution and that solution is starting over with subdomains.

ON TOP of that, that's not the only big change I made.. Prior to today I was also with PublishDrive as it was making my life easy to publish but I wasn't thinking when I signed with them and today my mind working hard and doing plenty of thinking I decided to do research and found when it comes to what I write that both PublishDrive and Smashwords distribute to the same places, the only difference is with Smashwords I have to distribute to Google and Amazon myself which is easily enough to do.
While on the topic, I've been treating Amazon as instant release because they took away the ability to do Preorders. So if you buy my stuff on Amazon you may see new releases that are tagged as preorders on other sites and that's the reason for it.
March 25 2021
I released a new podcast yesterday, this one I talk about suicide.

It can be found:
Ken Squires Podcast • A podcast on Anchor
March 9 2021
I recently released a new album called "The Score" it's a collection of Scores / Soundtracks / Instrumentals I created.

You can pick it up for $5 at:
March 9 2021
Submitted another book to my publisher, this one is making it's rounds up for preorder later this year as well.. This is also another ebook of poetry.

Or if you'd rather not wait, I'm sure you know where you can find it sooner
March 5 2021
It's been a while since I did a podcast so I decided to sneak something up on my podcast site. A new instrumental that I created.
To let my listeners know that I haven't forgotten about my podcast, I've just been busy with other things like shitty internet. 
March 2 2021
As of today I have removed all erotica from all my distributional services. In life that was a very very low point for me in my life and would rather remove it from it's existance and move on.
For a while I use to like that I wrote that shit but after a while it just made me cringe and since I'm my own publisher I decided to scrap that shit so within 3-4 days it should vanish from all ebook retailers
February 27 2021
Shooting From The Wrist - strapped my newly aquired GoPro to my wrist:
February 24 2021
I've always enjoyed doing video stuff, but the videos below were shot using my webcam on my pc so I'm very limited for what I can do and always want to do more. Away from my computer as you can tell I have a collection of videos on my youtube account that range from just about everything. Recently I invested in a nice little GoPro so hopefully you'll be seeing more clips from me, perhaps even in 4k as well for those who have the support for that high quality goodness.. That will strictly depend on the file sizes
February 21 2021- Facebook Battle
Less than a week ago I was surfing on facebook and a notification came up full screen saying that my account was disabled, I kinda wondered why and I still do so for them to reactivate it I had to provide a cell number (did it) a picture of my face (did it) and a government issued photo ID (hesitated) I didn't know if I wanted to do this but I later opt to do exactly that with a Canadian Health Card since for us Canadian's it is considered a legit government ID and it has the bare amount of info on it just really name, address and birth date nothing really more than what facebook would already have been given when I signed up..

So when it happened I spend a bunch of time looking shit up and seeing how common this was, I then sat down and took a few moments from my life to make this video:

I say a few moments but I forgot that the video was over 17 minutes...

Then I decided to opt in and give up my health card to facebook since honestly I was feeling bored and thought that I would go back on facebook so after less than a day it more so took a few hours for facebook to review everything then come back and decided that they were going to band me for good in which I made this twenty second video giving that information:

So there you have it, not on facebook, but in complete honesty I have no friends so it's not a big deal, so if I have no friends then why have a website ?... Pure boredom
February 19 2021 - Save The Dates
Alright folks, it's time to grab that pen and mark your calendars so you DON'T FORGET.
That's right not only am I going to announce one date but I'm going to announce THREE dates for THREE upcoming releases from yours truly.

The first date is International Poetry day which is May 21 2021 also on that day you get to enjoy "The Voice Of Ken" a ebook of poetry that should be on all major distribution sites plus many more so you can enjoy some poetry from your favourite Canadian Poet.. ME

Then on April 20 2021 you'll get your chance to read Neighbourhood Stalker 2 done up by the voice in my head known as Kenny Roberts which is the seventh book in that series. Last year we dropped Neighbourhood Stalker on Halloween but this year we decided to change it up and not have it come out on that spooky date since as we learned last year who knows what to expect on that day especially if Covid is running rapid like it is now

The final date to mark is May 21st in which Ken will be dropping "Crooked Words Of Ken" but this isn't a book of poetry, since late last year he has decided to start to journal his thoughts and these thoughts don't reflect on things that he's written in his poems and much of these things he wrote about as they were happening this maybe something new that he looks at doing.

OR if you want to beat the rush and get your hands on all three of these ebooks early PLUS every other release done by your favourite Canadian Poet then head on over to my Payhip Store: http://payhip.com/kensquires
In which you can buy all three of those titles that I just mentioned plus every other release I have dropped RIGHT NOW and support me directly.

So why on earth am I doing preorders for releases on other sites ? When in fact you can buy things directly from yours truly INSTANTLY ? .. Isn't it obvious ?, if not then let me explain, many people like preorders and want to stick to the one site that they buy ebooks through since they all have some sort of subscription with them. So I wanted to send the release to all the major ebook sites but I wanted to have preorders setup to basically cover me for the next 3 months so that's what I did was set that up exactly like that but those who want to visit my own site and keep up to date on everything I do directly from me you get a special bonus of being able to buy things early as my gift to  you for keeping up with me
February 12 2021
Not much of an update but depending on how long you've been following me and what I do you may remember a number of years ago I designed a portion of my own site called "My Pet Space" in which I showed pictures/videos/updates on my pets.
The last update was a number of years ago when the final one of my pets died, although going through a bunch of photos and thought I would share them up here on this site.
Haven't had any real interest in writing lately, don't think I've written in about a week, I want to release Neighbourhood Stalker 2021 I may post it sooner than later, originally I was going to do a preorder for it but I don't think I'm overly interested in doing anything like that.

I have ideas to write but just can't be bothered, always thought that writing would be apart of my future, starting to think maybe not

Oh and before anyone gets excited wtih the Kens' Guide To The Galaxy relisting on a different distributor, they distributor rejected it cause of the shortness of it, so unless I combine all of them into one release as well as the new one they have no interest in doing so, needless to say I've put that writing on hold.
February 6 2021
Back when I had my blog this past halloween I posted a bunch of photos of me and my ex dressed up as it was an easy thing to post because of the program I was using, so when I came back to creating the site without that program the photos vanished. But they vanished because I didn't know how to do a photo album, since I wanted a simple html album and I almost spent money to buy an old program I use to have but the updated version of it, till I came across httPhotos be sure to give it a look if your looking for a nice and sleep photo gallery for your site that uses no databases.
Also my first photo galltery is up under Photos, I'll be adding a bunch more as time comes since I have many to share.
February 6 2021
Alright so the last little while I've been watching a whole lot of TV and that maybe both good and bad, however for fans of "Ken's Guide To The Galaxy" that's a good thing cause I've been watching a few shows that have been giving me ideas for a new book..

So what does that mean ?, before I start writing I will be taking the previous books to my new publishing company and distributing them to every place that they aren't already listed on so that any potential new readers can get caught up with the previous releases before something new is released.

This is also the same for "Neighbourhood Stalker" as I have a new version of that I'm mostly done, I'll be doing the exact same thing with that series too.. In fact I'm going to start getting things going right now.. The first book in each series will get distributed to all the new channels asap but the second book and beyond will be pre-orders and released in the near future (no doubt a book a week till they are all caught up).

Since lets face it, nothing worse than buying a second book or a fourth book and not realizing that it's part of a series or even a fourth season of a tv series cause it's cheap then really getting into it then finding out the other ones are hard to get or really fucking expensive. My goal is that if I'm going to add to a past series to make the previous releases accessible to everyone, especially if I have moved to a new publishing company so that people aren't left out.
February 1 2021
Back at it like a bad habit, if you want some come and grab it...
After taking time off for myself and sitting around and thinking, I returned all my previously released stuff to the glory of on the distribution channels all through Smashwords, Amazon and Google as well as everything else possible. Although I had to do Amazon and Google manually as Smashwords wouldn't do it automatically but everything was already listed so it just took time get everything online with the new prices of $5.99 which means I make just shy of $4 from each ebook if you buy directly through one of those companies.

I have also decided that anything new I will distribute through a new company which I tried before called PublishDrive
Which will get me listed on everything smashwords had plus more including Google & Amazon automatically so it saves me in having to do the work so I can focus on more on writing and other things I know uploading doesn't take that terribly long to do but it is exactly that it takes time and right now I'm trying to focus on other things. But I wanted to redistribute the old stuff through those channels as it's the easiest way to go about it.

What more can I say besides I want to make my life as easy as possible with this writing/distribution stuff, since now instead of having to worry about four sites I now just have to worry about two (possibly one) since I may close my payhip store I haven't decided...
January 29 2021
That was a complete waste of $50, shortly after my move to AwardSpace I decided to buy webhosting because I was getting fucking frustrated with shit. So I bought webhosting from the same place that I buy domains from and let me tell you the webhosting fucking failed me I stressed out, I lost sleep to the point of I couldn't get my money back I was at the point of figuring that my ISP was blocking my uploads because I couldn't get anything online without a ton of errors no matter what program I tried, and I have a few to go through but nothing was working everything kept bringing up errors and stressing me out I was at the point of just walking away from creating websites because I wanted nothing more to do with it that's how bad it was stressing me out.. So in the final last ditch effort I thought I would try FreeHostia again because even though they have a very small file size limit they seem to be most open to freedom of speech and well here I am, so I have two other sites to move but I'm going to take sometime to myself as well because I don't want to be working on sites or anything all angry and pissed off cause that won't get me anywhere.
January 7 2021
I decided to leave the world of distribution when it came to my releases and just release them through my own site (Payhip) because what many writers don't tell you is the writing industry is going same way as the music industry. A while ago the music industry was introduced to streaming  and many artists while they like it because it still means fans they dislike it because it also means less money for them.
So the world of writing has taken a similar stance but instead of streaming they have brought in another "S" word this one being "subscription" so that means that it may mean more readers but also like streaming it also means less money for the writers like myself who put our heart and souls into what we write and enjoy writing but the money doesn't come in so it makes us struggle that much more. So over the course of a few days I pulled my stuff starting with the big "A" (can't say it my webhost will block this page since they dislike them too) followed by Google and Smashwords but once I removed from smashwords everything else would just be removed in a matter of time because everything else was linked to my smashwords account.

So if your going to support me you get to support me directly unlike through other corporations who will take a fair chunk of my coin the only one I have to share my coin with paypal.

So please support me directly by going through payhip as my store is listed as STORE in my navigation

I may change things up with my upcoming releases in how I do them, I have had a few ideas tossed my way and a few advantages of doing things differently so just bare with me but the old releases will always be epubs the new ones I haven't fully decided.

I know for a bit I went to a blog (publii) but I decided to go back to my site.. What can I say I like creating the site
January 6 2021
Today as part of our BIG BIG 2021 change, we say
You will no longer find my stuff on Smashwords or any of the affiliates (Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks etc) <- this may take 3-5 days to fully complete but it's in the works.
January 5 2021
Today as part of our BIG BIG 2021 change, we say
You will no longer find my stuff on Google Play / Google Play Books
January 3 2021
While I've been struggling since the start of this pandemic with numerous things, I've also been thinking and not sure if the voices in my head (and I don't mean my writing names) have helped but in 2021 it's time for me to make a change with my writing, a big change...
More on this very soon