Facebook Battle


Less than a week ago I was surfing on facebook and a notification came up full screen saying that my account was disabled, I kinda wondered why and I still do so for them to reactivate it I had to provide a cell number (did it) a picture of my face (did it) and a government issued photo ID (hesitated) I didn't know if I wanted to do this but I later opt to do exactly that with a Canadian Health Card since for us Canadian's it is considered a legit government ID and it has the bare amount of info on it just really name, address and birth date nothing really more than what facebook would already have been given when I signed up.. 

So when it happened I spend a bunch of time looking shit up and seeing how common this was, I then sat down and took a few moments from my life to make this video:

I say a few moments but I forgot that the video was over 17 minutes... 

Then I decided to opt in and give up my health card to facebook since honestly I was feeling bored and thought that I would go back on facebook so after less than a day it more so took a few hours for facebook to review everything then come back and decided that they were going to band me for good in which I made this twenty second video giving that information:

So there you have it, not on facebook, but in complete honesty I have no friends so it's not a big deal, so if I have no friends then why have a website ?... Pure boredom