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Been a few days since I posted anything and the last thing I posted was music related.

It seems the holidays are coming and I already done this once earlier this year, as shortly after my ex moved out I took over her ebay stuff that we were both selling and I lowered prices on everything at times rather drastically.. but I haven't really sold anything lately so I guess I'll be going through my three ebay accounts to do the samething again for the holidays. But I won't be raising it after the holidays just keeping it lowered.

I remember when I started to sell on ebay I really enjoyed it and was kinda hyped about it to get a bit of money since I was unemployed and while I didn't sell a huge amount it did provide me with bit of money from time to time.

Now I keep looking at it and saying "fuck, I can't wait till it's over" I won't shut my ebay sites down because I have lots to sell but I think it's just dealing with people and right now with the pandemic people are acting fucking stupid and want everything for nothing and bitch about the littlest detail.

I haven't lowered my prices yet but I perhaps will do that later today as I've been taking time for myself lately cause I know the holidays are stressful for everyone and I just got an email that needs my attention and I'll be sure to post about it here since it has todo with my writing.