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Brain Not Working Right

Ken Squires
Ken Squires Poetry

Was a comotion just down the street, a fire
Had people tell me that I missed all the action
I'm glad I did, my brain hasn't been working right
I know I would over analyze it, I would start to worry and get paranoid
Seems like it's the goto place for my brain as of late

Feeling like everyone has me on edge
Wishing I could shake that feeling
But I can't
It's stuck with me, I think it's being apart of me now
Just adding to another reason why I hate being alone

Been having trouble sleeping again
Brain over analyzing stuff
Having trouble more and more
No where to turn
No place for help
Nobody to talk to

So I resort to my writing in hopes of it making me feel better
In hopes of it helping me figure something out
But it doesn't
At times it just amps things up
Louder and harder

Wishing this would stop
But I don't think it'll stop till my heart does
Thinking that's the only way I will be at peace
The only way I will escape from everything

At times I wish that time would come sooner than later
These are one of those times
These are certainly one of those times