Back at it like a bad habit


Back at it like a bad habit, if you want some come and grab it...
After taking time off for myself and sitting around and thinking, I returned all my previously released stuff to the glory of on the distribution channels all through Smashwords, Amazon and Google as well as everything else possible. Although I had to do Amazon and Google manually as Smashwords wouldn't do it automatically but everything was already listed so it just took time get everything online with the new prices of $5.99 which means I make just shy of $4 from each ebook if you buy directly through one of those companies.

I have also decided that anything new I will distribute through a new company which I tried before called PublishDrive
Which will get me listed on everything smashwords had plus more including Google & Amazon automatically so it saves me in having to do the work so I can focus on more on writing and other things I know uploading doesn't take that terribly long to do but it is exactly that it takes time and right now I'm trying to focus on other things. But I wanted to redistribute the old stuff through those channels as it's the easiest way to go about it.

What more can I say besides I want to make my life as easy as possible with this writing/distribution stuff, since now instead of having to worry about four sites I now just have to worry about two (possibly one) since I may close my payhip store I haven't decided... 

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