You’ll Forget About Me Anyway

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You’ll Forget About Me Anyway
You’ll Forget About Me Anyway

No matter the impact I have on you

Sooner than later you’ll forget about me anyway

Something better will come into your life

Or something different that will push the thought of me to the back of your mind

The next new or different item will push me out completely

That’s the way the way the human mind works
I don’t last that long inside of anyone’s mind
Better off unknown or soon forgotten

Many people rise while I fall
Don’t know what it’s like to rise
But I know what it’s like to be called cancerous

Never been one who was able to fit in easily
Gave up trying, now just keeping to myself spending my time on the computer

Writing out my thoughts for others to relate to
Or perhaps they are just laughing at me
No different than any other point in my life
Nothing ever came easy no matter how much I tried