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Writing Idea
Writing Idea

I remember when I first started to write, and the internet was being searched that much more since social media really didn't exist (this was before myspace)

Anyways I came across a writer who went by the name Michael Through Time and him and a group of friends would write superhero stories, but not your average superhero stories like Venom, Spiderman, Superman .. etc
They would do original ones and every superhero would have it's own kryptonite but the way they would write would be the kryptonite would be something strange like it wouldn't be bullets or anything like that but I remember brainstorming with him and coming up with ideas for kryptonite such as

- Aluminum foil
- The squeak your fork or knife makes when it hits the plate

Like it was really average day stuff, but the aluminum foil thing was complex because even people pronouncing the word aluminum wrong he would drop to his knees in pain and agony so he kinda had a side of grammar nazi as well.. I guess that would be more of a pronunciation nazi not grammar.

I couldn't remember the guy's real name but his writing name stuck out to me hence that's why I always referred to him as Michael Through Time... I decided to google the name as I was sure his real name would stick out and if your interested in checking out his stuff you can do so through his official site

Josh was always so very talented and I know we would always spitball ideas, we had an idea back in the day of doing an apocalypse series as even though I was born Catholic I wasn't really religious so something made me think about the apocalypse since lets face it you don't hear much about certain things during school as they tend to just barely touch on bad things cause they don't want your mind to be focus on that.  The idea never took place

I just officially released my last book, sadly I don't find enjoyment in writing anymore.
Maybe it's just poetry I don't find enjoying anymore, I honestly don't know.

But in any case I'm taking a break 

Not sure what the future has in store for me, besides sitting around and getting fat, but I'm already fat so I guess I have that accomplished..