Video Editing - On Hold

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Video Editing - On Hold
Video Editing - On Hold

Since I have decided to walk away from steam since I found things not going well for me and it seems to be  causing me problems with a few programs that I have been running.

Anything in regards to editing videos have been placed on hold until further notice.

Which means the last few episodes of my podcast will be left from youtube. Since right now I'm unable to purchase a new video editing program at this time due to very empty pockets.. I guess we'll have to see what October has to bring for me, but right now what I'm able to do is very limited. I have tried a few free programs and they just don't work.

What's making everything even more complicated is that all these video editors are going subscription based which is making me not want to purchase them since I don't want to be tied down to a subscription, right now I am leaning towards Corel Video Studio for my video editing needs, which I have last years version that I forgot about.. Perhaps it's a perfect time to give it a shot since I'm using last years version of Paint Shop Pro

More on this as this develop