Toxic People

Toxic People
Toxic People

Toxic People

Toxic people all around me, pulling me into the negative
Trying to force there beliefs on me
Trying to force me to be what they want me to be
It truly is a struggle as I try to be the man I am
People lie to me tell me they love me
Later finding out it was all lies, they just want to use me and try to get something from it

Not sure what they would get
Perhaps satisfaction for themselves
I never understood people like that
But that's all who seems to come around me
Lying to me telling the boyfriend got them pregnant
We all know that ain't true
If it is, then I guess your not as smart as what you claim to be
Guess sooner than later you'll be crying #MeToo

It took me time to learn just who was toxic and who was not.
My world gotten much smaller, much more quiet
As I've walked away from many who claimed to have loved me
Those who also claimed that they will forever be here for me

I guess when they got the fill of what they wanted, the true them came out
I got to finally see what they were about
The truest intentions that they finally did speak
My ears became open
My mouth became shut

I now sit back and wait for you to continue to cry


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