Toxic Environments


How is one suppose to grow
Suppose to better themselves
When they live the life that everyone tells them they could be doing better
If they worked this job, not that. Then they would have more money
Then they could move out, they would have women tripping over themselves
Nobody wants someone working the job you do

No wonder I sit in the basement, keeping to myself
Drowning in depression, you keep saying I can talk to you
All I am is a source for gossip
You feel that everything you say is right
Nobody can argue with the almighty and all powerful you
If they do they should be slapped down, how dare they not agree
You know how the world works, it hasn't changed in seventy years of your existence
Just don't tell your tablet that, seventeen years ago the only tablets you had were the pills you popped
I've often wondered all the random bullshit you get fed and you look up online how much damage has that done
Saying that if you do this or that or if you take this pill or that pill it will better you in this way or that way
You buy into it like it's some sort of fad

Now you find yourself sitting on the couch saying you can't do anything
Telling me you were the sameway at your boyfriends, I don't believe that
It's all an act, guess your running out of things to talk about

Next thing you'll be saying is that you have covid
That your on your death bed and then you can blame me
Since your always looking for someone else to blame

That is the toxic environment I live in
That is the toxic environment I live in
That is the toxic environment I live in


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