Too Explosive For Ringside

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Too Explosive For Ringside
Too Explosive For Ringside

Today I chose to close up Too Explosive For Ringside, I think I might have before but I reopened it for a bit again on a whim... Today it's closed as far as I'm concerned for good.

It was originally created/developed/deployed in the early 2000's in which I would do interviews of indie wrestlers, then in 2006 it vanished for no reason given but instead of giving a reason I just posted up a "in construction" page which remained.

It wasn't until 2020 and complete boredom that made me bring it back, as I originally brought back the original site that I didn't care about coding with Frontpage 2003, I then updated things to HTML5/CSS3 with Expressions Web 4.. Which wasn't the easiest task as it basically had me tear everything down and recreate everything from scratch as that was the easiest way, things took many shapes/forms including a brief stint on however it later landed itself on the program I'm currently  using as I found it was the easiest way to maintain it and it gave me the whole blog look that I wanted.

But I found that I wasn't doing interviews cause nobody wanted to do text interviews again, everyone wanted video/audio interviews which I'm unable of doing.. 

After trying a few things with it I have decided just to outright close it, even though I still own the domain until 2022 or 2023 I don't remember .

The graphic at the top of the page was originally created back in the 2000s I kept thinking about creating a newer graphic for it but I honestly couldn't be bothered. I just got bored of the entire thing so it'll remain parked.. 
This actually has nothing to do with my shitty internet it just has to do with my lack of interest in many things that continue to grow.

I could have left the site online for it to just sit online and do nothing but I figure why bother, if it was a free domain then maybe but as a paid one I would rather just delete it all and park the domain.