The XYZ Coming Back ?

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The XYZ Coming Back ?
The XYZ Coming Back ?

Either earlier this year or a few years ago depending on the domains we're talking about I registered a bunch of domains with who I thought was a decent company. It turned out that the pandemic has made me see the true colours of the company in question.

So with them dicking me around I was either forced to just use a free subdomain for my sites (like I currently am) or search for refuge elsewhere and move my domains.

The initial idea was to find a Canadian domain host and move my domains to them, well that became costly at $30 per domain to do transfers, which would mean to move three of my domains it would easily cost me $90.. I wasn't having none of that.

But as I was doing research and searching the web I came across NameSilo who is cheap, fair and offers a ton of free addons that most companies would make you pay for so I dropped the $30 ($34 CDN) and things are in the process of moving my top 3 domains which I had already purchased them up until the year 2024 and I was going to walk away from that but I later decided not to. As moving those domains would mean that I would have them until 2025 before I had to pay again considering when I transfer thing NameSilo or any registering company would add on a year for my payment.

Now the time is ticking, I don't get access to these domains until at the earliest is September 30.

I debated about creating the subdomain sites that I do, but I managed to find out how to forward the subdomain to the XYZ domains once they are ready and at least this way I can keep my online presence, even though I'm sure it'll take longer than a week to get found by google and all other search engines but time will tell... But that doesn't matter.

The most important thing is that I'm gaining access to my domains again, I just have to wait.