The Change

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The Change
The Change

So today is the day that the change is happening, what change am I talking about ?

Well a number of years ago I bought a bunch of XYZ domains and at first that domain registar was good but things went down hill and I noticed a few funny things with them, so last week I decided I wanted to change companies that I was with so I moved 3 domains from NameCheap to NameSilo (notice how only one got the link) .. So today as of 7pm (est) those 3 domains that I moved should be fully accessible and I should be able to use them again.

One of the biggest things that I wondered was... what was holding me back ? the domain extension (XYZ) or the place I bought it through.. As like many I've done my research and people say that XYZ domains are just as good as anything else on the market, in fact the biggest internet search engine (Google) uses an XYZ domain.. They have a parent company called Alphabet and you know what the domain is for that company ? ABC.XYZ
I'm not joking one bit, click the link you'll see for yourself, or if you really don't trust me then do your own research

Then I thought maybe it's me, maybe I don't know how to build a website anymore, maybe I'm out of touch with all this website stuff.. Well I've only had these free subdomains for a week and they are all found on all search engines, so clearly the problem IS NOT me.

Speaking of these free subdomains, so what is going to happen with them when I gain access to the XYZ's .. I will simply forward the free subdomains to the XYZ domains so I don't have to update anything. I will delete the files that I have uploaded for the subdomains cause I see no reason for me uploading twice as many files, I might as well save myself the space and just reupload things to the XYZ domain that I will be using.

So that's the plan