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So today I can now officially say I have finished watching the entire series of Shameless.. I started it with my ex but after she took off I bought the entire set from season 1-10 and rewatched it all since for the most part she had her fucking phone or tablet on so it was constantly going off, and the dumb bitch refused to mute things while we watched.
It was nice to watch things in peace.

I got the final season on Thursday or Friday and I decided I was going to spend the weekend watching it and I basically devoted my weekend to it, I knew that they were ending the series.

I won't drop spoilers for those who haven't seen it but I will say I liked the way they ended it, it basically wrapped everything up.

Oh and enjoy the latest category called "What I'm Watching" .. been binge watching a whole lot since I haven't been writing and wondering what I'm going to do next so I think couch potato sounds like a good hobby / lifestyle