Podcast - No More

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Podcast - No More
Podcast - No More

Decided to delete my podcast, I've never been one to promote stuff as I've always been the one to think if it was meant to be people would find it. Well I've had it for almost a year and nobody really found it.
So it hit the chopping block, as in my mind it was deemed not worth it.

May it end up on Youtube ? right now that's a no but the future is uncertain

I have everything backed up so if I want to bring it back at some point in time then I have that ability to do just that as I'm not under contract for one company or another so who knows I may just move to another company..  But right now it's closed and it will stay that way for the time being.

To save confusion, I have decided to remove the podcast link from my tags and all the posts that go with it.