Pitting Two Companies Against Each Other

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Pitting Two Companies Against Each Other
Pitting Two Companies Against Each Other

So for about a week or two I've had all my stuff on Google Play Books & Smashwords (plus all the affiliates of both) listed for free and I've watched my counts bounce up high some days and other days only get 1-2 downloads.

Well a day or two ago I changed everything up so that now all my ebooks are $1.

As I pit the companies against each other, how so you ask ?

Well by making this change it will show which company (more so the users of each) are more willing to spend the money, as we all know that people like free stuff as I'm sure I'm not the only one who uses free stuff online and while many people pay for things when it comes to the likes of ebooks not everyone likes to pay so by charging a small amount it shows me which users are more interested in spending the money to support writers.

So far Google Play Books is up 1-0 as I have already sold my first book on there site since making this change.

Both companies reach a very large demographic of users I can't honestly say that one is bigger than the other, but I know being in the world of independent publishing things change all the time and if I was forced to make a change between Google Play Books and Smashwords which would I choose ?
Honestly right now it's a tough choice, but as I said pitting these two companies against each other will be a good way to find out.

Also as an added bonus I may even release exclusive books through each, where you may only find a certain book on Google Play and  you may only find another exclusive book on Smashwords ... As for Amazon, I personally think they are a joke when it comes to the kindle service as you generally don't make any sort of money because 99% of the stuff is subscription based and if you don't agree to having your stuff listed with the subscription service then your book basically gets left on the shelf to collect dust and never to be seen again.