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Pandering To An Audience

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Pandering To An Audience
Pandering To An Audience

I recently read a report that in the new series of Superman comics put out by DC Comics that they made Superman bi-sexual.

In my mind they are clearly pandering to an audience to try and introduce Superman to a new group in hopes of making more fans.

Myself as a writer I never thought that naming what a characters sexual preference is was part of the story unless one was writing something such as erotica. But the fact that they openly named Superman as bisexual to me was pandering to a new level of audience and personally it's an all time low for Superman. I'm not saying that anything is wrong with being bisexual or with anything in terms of what people choose as ones sexual orientation. But the fact that they had to make mention of Superman being bisexual was just wrong.

They should have just left well enough alone, I'm also not saying that people can't change over the years and develop feelings for his/her own sex. But everything has a time and place and I think they more so did it out of the hope of selling more copies since they knew that something like that would gather more press than just a regular storyline in a Superman comic.

What's next ?, Wonder Woman going to come out as lesbian ? Or are they going to change her outfit up to just wearing black and making her a dominatrix ? Since after all she's already got the rope. She can start fulfilling everyone's dirty little secret considering she can find out the truth for what everyone wants... Tell me that comic won't sell..