Old Sites and Bigger Sites

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Old Sites and Bigger Sites
Old Sites and Bigger Sites

A few days ago I moved to a different host that promised unlimited hosting as I've used the company before but my current program would give random problems uploading to them so I was originally going to go back to my older created websites in which I would incorporate the almanacs into the fantasy sports site that I created.

However after less than six hours all my accounts got shut down claiming they used too many resources, I could have argued which I would have won (they would have been so lawyered) 


However instead of going through that and knowing that my blog/sites were still on award space I decided to just come back here as I've never had problems uploading and find it faster than many other hosts.

Yes on Friday I am getting much faster internet than I have now, which should make for doing various things I've been wanting to do much easier like getting my music back online.