No Longer Working With Amazon

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No Longer Working With Amazon
No Longer Working With Amazon

So as of today (Sept 4th) I have removed all my stuff listed with amazon but due to the rules of amazon I have an additional 30 day obligation to fulfill before it gets removed from the subscription service that they have.. I guess this is amazon's birthday gift to me right (my birthday being Oct 5).

When dealing with a company I run by baseball rules and by that I mean 3 strikes and your out, if you do 3 things to me that I dislike then I'm done dealing with you as a company and take my business elsewhere especially when it comes to my writing. I don't care how you treat other writers cause I don't know what goes on between that business and other writers I only give a shit about me.

Strike 1 - Amazon removed my ability to setup preorders, they claim it was cause I wasn't making enough. I don't understand how this is a big deal ? To me this makes no sense but I guess money equals other privileges with amazon

Strike 2 - So if you've been following me for a while you know I have an erotica series called Moist that can be found on Smashwords & Payhip not to mention all the affiliates of either site well Amazon removed two books from that series cause they claim it violated the community standards that they hold.. I tried to talk to them about it but they refused to respond without referring to the community standards.. I know that they have other books that are far worse than anything I have written that they still have listed. I guess someone cried about my book for some unknown reason so Amazon pulled it.

Strike 3 - Kindle is a fucking joke, you get paid no money because amazons big money maker is the subscription service so if you have your book listed for $10 and someone reads it on the subscription service then you might may $0.50 from that (keyword being MIGHT).. You can opt out of it when you list your book if you want, but you know what that means ?.. Your book is on the back of the shelf collecting dust because amazon wants nothing to do with you.

I had to wait an additional day before I posted this because my last webhost (AwardSpace) would have blocked this post because I use the word AMAZON they seem to have a list of words that they blacklist and AMAZON is one of them. So I moved all my sites to a different host. This different host at times is having issues with downtime but I'm fine with that, at least I know a random post like this won't get blocked over me using one word which I think is fucking stupid.