Never Won Awards

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Never Won Awards
Never Won Awards

During my entire life of writing I have never won any sort of awards for my writing. I know many people go on to write about how they've won awards etc for the writing and it may/may not help them to sell more. I have never done anything like this. 

The only award that I have ever won was when I was little, I played t-ball and won an award, but everyone won an award so it didn't matter.

I'm not saying that if I won any sort of award it would have kept me writing because in all honesty I doubt it would have.

I don't know what I want to do with my life right now, but I do know that writing isn't that thing that I want to do, I debated about going back and making music as I have in the past but I don't think that's it either..

But I think that's one reason why I combined KSSN with this site, now I have 3 sites on the go but the other two if I close I won't combine with this one that would be too much work and I think it would be a dumb idea to do that. 

I guess you can say that I didn't know how to evolve my writing or what next step that I had to take, as my writing was good but people don't buy books anymore since everything has subscription services and 0.1% of people take chances on a new writer that they never heard of so I figured after ten years if nobody has taken a chance on me enough to spend any sort of money then why attempt it any further, my stuff can be free (which it is and will forever be) so while it's mentioned in the navigation and I have a bunch of poetry that's written and mentioned other things that I have written and given release dates all of which have passed that's the ending of it