My Past

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My Past
My Past

Writing under my real name isn't my first step into writing and have much thought I have decided to showcase my past in terms of writing. As you can see in the navigation menu I have written for three companies in the past:
4E Inc
Coyotes Publishing
Silver Dragon Publishing

While Coyotes Publishing has no links it's because I successfully brought everything forward from it to the point of a good bulk of the releases you now see under my own name were written from my Coyotes Publishing era but I still wanted to acknowledge it for those who have known me for a long time.

But I wanted to showcase my past because we all have one, it has taken me a long time (mainly because of my ex) to want to bring it forward but I feel that I'm ready to do so as it doesn't define who I am. It is the past and it will stay but life's journey has many twists and turns and many bumps in the road. You never know what is going to happen in your future which is why you do certain things as that moment it just feels right to do them.

I originally was going to showcase full on websites from my past but I later decided there was no point doing that it would just take valuable space. I can sum it up easily enough the way that I have in the navigation menu.

Recently I spoke about helping other writers get there shit back online, those writers were myself in the past. When I originally signed up with Smashwords things were easy, a simple text file and a cover photo was all that was needed to get distributed but some of the partners complained because screen sizes for tablets gotten bigger back then and the small covers looked like shit. That and they wanted table of contents, I just went through a break up so I shuffled everything to the archives for that site. But as I started to write under my own name I learned a very quick way and much thanks to Calibre that  I learned a quick and painless way to do table of contents.

If it wasn't for the current pandemic and random boredom I had I don't think I would have taken the time to visit my past and get that crap back online, but I did. I redid covers and got everything distributed again as well as created payhip accounts for them as payhip is also a great place to post your material. Originally when I did stuff I always wrote for free but I'm cool if someone wants to pay for it with "pay what you want" option on payhip

Today is the day that I make things apart of this website for all you current writers and ones who are thinking about writing in the future. I want you guys to know first hand that writing is like life, it's a long and bumpy road and it's taken me through a few companies and a few different mind frames / mindsets to get me to the point that I am today.