More Bodies

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More Bodies
More Bodies

Another week and almost two hundred bodies found
Buried near a school out west, at least it’s out west from me
People act sad, people shed tears
But the full story remains a mystery
Nobody knows why it happened, we will never know
The government might, but they aren’t letting on

Churches burn to the ground
People demand that the pope says something
Honestly he doesn’t give a fuck
Priests molest children in the catholic faith
The Pope doesn’t give a fuck about that either

In another week or so, more bodies will be found
More tears will be shed

People will look for answers
But none will be found
False claims will get made
False promises will also get made

In this day and age nobody gives a fuck about anyone
They only give a fuck about themselves
They can burn churches
They can knock over statues
They can throw red paint and demand change
But the fact is, the damage of those things have been done
They did it for one reason or another

It may not make sense to the world now
But back in the day it did
You can’t change the past
You can’t rewrite history

For the most part you won’t even completely get it’s full story
But it happened
Nothing can be done now