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December 10 2021
I think I'm in a good place to walk away in terms of my writing is concerned. I ended out the year. I was originally going to walk away back in October when I released "Here Lies The Writing Of Ken Squires" but I released a few more items in order to get me through until December. I'm now content with 2021 being the last year for new releases. I learned quick that when it comes to being self published you do it for yourself, you don't do it to make money. Even though my ebooks aren't free. You don't make big bank, you make pocket change. If your thinking of getting into the world of self published writing, you best be keeping your 9 to 5 job cause that's what is going to pay the bills.

I know many people look at the likes of JK Rowling, Stephen King and EL James to name a few and say "They made bank, so can I".. They also have a major publishing company behind them which also means that the major publishing platform gets to say yes or no to every release and tweak it until they see fit and until they (publishing company) thinks that it will sell.
When I release stuff it's exactly that, it's 100% me, the cover is 100% me designing it and the writing/concept and all that is all ME. I don't have a team behind me, it's all ME

I'm at the point of saying I can walk away cause I've done what I wanted. I wrote and I wrote a lot. I made a few dollars.
I didn't gain any friends, I never lost any friends.. Simply because I have no friends

But I wrote, I wrote to my hearts content about various subjects. Some of which I pulled cause they later caused me depression (Erotica) but I wrote. I trashed various people and the views they had, I wrote about my struggles
I played around with the pricing for my releases.. It doesn't matter to me if I sell another book or not. I accomplished a dream of being a writer, I've gotten good reviews, I've gotten bad reviews and I've had reviews completely trash what I do.

I know I took everything about my writing personally since for me it was personal cause I wrote about personal topics

From here on out no matter if it's just a week more or until the end of the month I will focus on making music. If I decided to walk away from that at the end of the year.. Then I don't know what I will do.
Being self published means that the door is always open for me when it comes to going back to writing more. But right now I'm content with leaving. I already removed all my releases including  things I was working on from my computer. So I don't have to think about them anymore.

With the way the world is, it's a difficult time to write cause everyone will pick apart everything since they all think they can do a better job. Honestly they can't, since  99% of them aren't writers and the perfect story doesn't exist. Everything has problems with it.

Anyways it doesn't matter anymore, that's the past.. My writing is the past as it's now listed under past hobbies.. Onto  making music, as for the future beyond.. I try not to think about that because I can't predict it.

If your looking at starting to write, I wish you the best.

I'm sure I'll make an adjust me in the next 1-3 days (might be later tonight) in which the latest book vanishes and it only shows my latest album