I Have No Idea

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I Have No Idea
I Have No Idea

I honestly have no idea why I keep posting poetry on my site, making it seem like I'm going to release a new book sometime soon when I have very little interest in doing that

The few albums I have on bandcamp I very well may post them in the original format on Payhip in the leading days/weeks but in all honesty I'm still having zero interest in writing.

Not sure what caused me to do the bit that I did I think it was five or six poems but I think in one way it might have been that I was helping out a few fellow poets with one thing or another.

One of them briefly asked me if I would be interested in doing a collab with them, I told them I didn't know at this time. It just doesn't seem right, but he's still in talks with me trying to convince me to do just that, if it happens I'll let ya know.