love and anarchy

Hey Netflix


So maybe it's me but I think the fine folks of Netflix are lowering standards for what they are accepting from content creators that they are pushing on the platform.

What am I talking about ?, well you see Netflix has announced that in early November (Nov 4) a Swedish TV Series is coming out called "Love and Anarchy"... So I checked out the trailer:

So it involves a couple who challenge each other with a series of Dares at work.. By the look of the trailer some are just goofy but some are rather sexual.. Hmmm this sound awfully familiar, let me go back and read a book I wrote called "Dare" which is part of the Moist series (Dare on Amazon for $2.99) That's rather interesting how my book starts out taking place in a office...
Wonder what else they closely touch upon that are striking similar to something I wrote ?

I would say I'll see on when it comes out, but I don't speak Swedish and this is just another reason why I won't be keeping my Netflix subscription.

For now that's all I have to say