Hello Anxiety

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Hello Anxiety

I sit in my room, it’s covered in darkness the only thing that is between those walls are me and my emotions
Sure, you can look at me and you may see the calm seas but inside my mind it can be rough like any ocean

My mind has sunk ships, it has nothing to do with loose lips
Don’t tell me to calm down when my mind starts to trip
You have no idea what is happening inside my head
I’m sure I’m like many of you, I have had thoughts of myself dead

How would family react
They no doubt would have told me that I did overreact
Or even worse that what I did was selfish, but they had no idea what went on on the inside
You see my family tends to judge, so when it comes to most of my emotions I tend to hide
Nobody in my family has ever died from suicide, at least not that I know
My anxiety likes to collect all sorts of ammo

39 years old and I hate being alone, but my only alternative to this is going to a place that’s more secluded
Just for what ? So it can look like I’m being included ?
The whole world is against me and I know it, in these days people bitch and moan rather than try to understand
It’s almost like they are trying to make the world a perfect place, or that’s what they have planned
The world isn’t perfect and you need to understand that, so many of us will fall through the cracks
As societies motto has always been live or die by the axe

People like me are afraid to speak of our insecurities, even though we all have them
If you listened carefully I already outed one of them, at times I already feel like I know my own outcome

Just remember every person that you come across in this world, they may also be having that bad day
They too maybe on the edge of there rope, looking for that cherry on top to step off the chair or let there blood spray