Grown Past The Usefulness Of The Site

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Grown Past The Usefulness Of The Site
Grown Past The Usefulness Of The Site

When you start any sort of hobby we all tend to join various online communities and groups to further learn about the hobby in question.

Doing so will help us propel our knowledge, although after you have been with a site for a number of months or years you will get to the point of that website or community no longer serves it's purpose.

It could simply be that your talent has exceeded those in that community or that your skills have taken a different path. Don't be afraid to leave the site, the reasons can be endless, I know over the last year or so I have left a number of writing communities because I have felt that my writing has exceeded those who post in those communities, or that they start posting about random crap that has nothing to do with the subject at hand but they will start talking about religion or politics but it's not even in a creative way they would end up posting just links to articles they found online which has no reason to be apart of those websites.

If you get to that point, then it's clear that it's time for you to close your account and move on, you can always find hundreds of other communities just like that one, in fact with how easy it is to create a website/community today thanks to softalicious that is basically on every hosting account known to mankind they pop up more frequently and while at times many are "fly by night" which they may only last a short time it's easy enough to find another one.

So many people change ones minds about wanting to be the admin of those websites or the original concept of those websites that they do not stay as useful as they once were, don't be afraid to leave and find another one.