Does Happiness Exist

Does Happiness Exist
Does Happiness Exist

I've been doing a whole lot of thinking since October, while I finished my last release called Toxic
I don't think happiness exists for someone like me
I feel like I keep looking for it, but it's not there
It then makes me depressed so I throw money at the situation in hopes of it helping
Only for things to recycle themselves all over again and it's a vicious cycle

At times I feel like I'm stuck on a hamster wheel
I keep running, and running and running and yet I get no where
I'm the same spot as I was when I started
I'm no better off than before
Then things happen around me or get said around me which makes me think
That I can either run forever and be no better off
Or step out of that and be in quick sand as I can watch myself sink

Either place isn't where I want to be, yet here I am trapped
Got no choice for either one or the other.
I try to make plans for the future but failure is the only option
Set back after set back after set back

Now depression is setting in
What use to make me happy no longer does
I'm questioning everything around me, what makes me happy
Should I keep doing certain things that I don't enjoy
If I don't do those things what will I fill my time with
here take my money, maybe that will make me happy, no it didn't last long.. Time to keep searching


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