Dancing On My Grave

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Dancing On My Grave
Dancing On My Grave

When I die, only part of me will be underground the other will be
Dancing on my grave, as it’s finally set free, from all the negativity
Not just what goes on inside of my head, but from the world
As it seems like as of late things have been hurled
In a different direction, so many humans are scared to live life

Saying you died from covid is worse than saying you died from the knife

As it’s your own wrist that you chose to slice
One day you were making a sandwich, so you chose to roll the dice
Tired of the world around you and hope the after life will be better
As you lay on the ground bleeding out you forgot to write your farewell letter
But it’s too late now that chance you had has passed
The next time your name will be mentioned is on a newscast

Then you’ll also be dancing on your grave, dancing on your grave
You’ve had enough and you couldn’t be saved
You’ve had enough and you couldn’t be saved