Does Happiness Exist
Does Happiness Exist

What's wrong bitch ?, doesn't your keyboard work anymore
Running out of things to ctrl c & ctrl v ?
Having to use that brain to come up with something that's not stolen
So you want to aim your words at me

I guess we all can't infringe on peoples works to try and get popular
Some of us actually write about things we are going through
It's not all sunshine and happy times

I'm sure if we give you time you'll go back to your old ways of ctrl c & ctrl v
Not long ago I seen you posting and bitching about your health
But I suppose that's okay isn't it.
We need to make an acception because who you are.
You want to aim your words towards others but you quickly fall in line

Guess doing ctrl c & ctrl v has turned you toxic
Wanting to cry like a little girl over other peoples struggles
Should I write bout stacks of cash, fast cars and banging women
Bet you'd find something to bitch about with that too
Starting to think it must be your time of the month
Your awfully crabby, guessing the cramps have hit hard

Guessing your manstrating
Feeling wheepy, wanting to get attention
Someone should buy you tissues before you run out

But it's okay go back to manstrating
While most of us bleed our hearts,emotions and lives out
You just manstrate all over in hopes of people feeling sorry for you by stealing other words
Then when you don't get attention, you manstrate even harder.

I write for others to relate to
I write for others to know they're not alone with what they are struggling with

You manstrate and want to call it art
When people write better than you, you cry