Been Helping

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Been Helping
Been Helping

I haven't been writing much this month, as I got a few fellow writers who reached out to me. They wrote over ten years ago and also used the same distribution (smashwords) that I am using but when they first started they could just upload a cover image and a text file.. 
It was easier times, but then things changed and because of tablets with bigger screens certain companies required bigger image files for the covers and they also required each book to have a table of contents.

With knowing that I also write they reached out to me and we discussed what they wanted for covers so I've been helping them get what they had once released over ten years ago to get released again so they can look at releasing something new with some help from me to do the finishing touches for them.

So that's where my time has gone and why I haven't written anything.

I believe I have 2-3 more covers/books to do for them before the old stuff they released is all caught up