Another Day

Does Happiness Exist
Does Happiness Exist

It's another day, I'm checking my front door for packages
Seeing if anything I ordered is showing up today
Should I even talk about this, it's not the usual gloomy and darkness I put on display
Trying to help out friends and family as much as I can, or at least try
That holiday is coming that I don't overly like much, had trouble writing a list

Perhaps I'm the only one who struggles with Christmas
I'm sure others are in that same position as me

It's funny people come at me and say various things
But I can write circles around them like they are standing still
They try to push my buttons, for the most part I ignore them
Why give time to someone whose that worthless

I better not write about that they may get jealous and start manstrating again
I bet given a few short moments after my post he will
Crying once again that I have the talent and he just has two simple keystrokes to his name
Guessing jealousy is a bitch

As the world turns the sun rises and it sets
He couldn't keep up with me if he tried
He couldnt' keep up with me if I had a bad day