Always Thought I Had Trouble

does happiness exist
does happiness exist

Always thought I had trouble with communication
Then I got into online dating and what I have seen during my duration
It's not just me, people claim they want someone who'll talk but they don't know how to themselves
It's like holy shit, should I go ahead and place you up on one of those high shelves
Since you seem to act like your better than me
But when we try to converse you have trouble talking and you keep acting like your a vip

Telling me that I'm not good enough or treating me like trash
When I ask the wrong question you cry like you have diaper rash
Having to make everything about you, when did society get so fragile
Can barely get through a basic conversation and not even touch upon anything that would be razzle dazzle
Plain like vanilla but stay inside those lines
Otherwise you'll be starting all over with someone new since you didn't follow the last ones guidelines

Fucking sick of this, when did the world develop a bunch of cry babies who can't communicate
If we were playing chest I'm sure I would have gotten checkmate
Since you would have laid down your king, cause you certainly ain't no queen