A Poem

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A Poem
A Poem

Every time I write people seem to think that I’m mental
But I thought you were ones who I could go and vent to
So I took time off to reassess my own thoughts
As I sat back I quickly seen just how alone I was
I also seen that nobody cared about me

So I turned my heart off and it quickly got covered with ice
Not the good kind that rappers rap about but the frozen variant
Now I’m in a room all by myself
Everyone can keep there hands off me cause I don’t need your help
I always knew nobody cared about me or how I felt

As I always wore my heart on my sleeve
Then it later became my own personal pet peeve
People just used that as leverage to constantly make fun
Using it to get things they wanted but to constantly hurt me in the long run
Now I don’t care about the things you stand for
I laugh when you say your cause is going to change the world
That’s the same lies of trying to save the world and get the girl

That only happens if you have an “S” on your chest

But the only ones who have letters on there’s are women
Now you hate me, oh well I guess that I’m slime then
Not like it matters I’ve been rejected more than the number of my age
Should that have sent me to the deep end filled with rage
Or Should I be the one who sits back and laughs
Watching all of you get abused over and over
You all look for one type of guy who you think will be different than your last
But that guy will quickly end up apart of your past